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Apr 16 2013

Sangster Gets $2.1 Million for Seismic Upgrades

TOP: Minister Chong, Board Chair Wendy Hobbs, Secretary Treasurer Harold Cull; BOTTOM: middle- Sangster Principal Maureen Lauren with student, right- Board Chair Wendy Hobbs, Minister Chong, Sangster PAC President Michelle Scoville.

While Assistant Superintendents Dave Betts and Roberta Kubik & myself were in Vancouver at the BC School Superintendents Association annual conference last Thursday, Minister Ida Chong (on behalf of Minister McRae) presented $2.1 million for seismic upgrades to Sangster Elementary. The $2.1 million will go into reconstructing certain parts of the school to make sure …

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Dec 18 2012

Minister McRae Makes New Schools Official


The Honorable Don McRae paid a visit to Belmont today to help celebrate the signing agreement between the government & SD62. What does this mean? It means money in the bank that will now kick start the design and building processes of our two new high schools! Board Chairperson, Wendy Hobbs did a great job …

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