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Jun 09 2014

Sooke Elementary Schools Receive Rotary Donation

  The Rotary Club of Sooke donated $1,400 to our Sooke elementary schools, which will go a long way in helping support literacy! District Librarian, Dale Morrison met with incoming Sooke Rotary President Elect, Trevor Colley to accept the donation. The students expressed how much they love spending time in their libraries reading. The Rotary …

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Mar 13 2014

B.E.A.R Program Receives $1500 Grant

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Last Friday, Hans Helgesen Elementary received a $1,500 grant from the WestShore Rotary club to put towards the schools’ B.E.A.R program. The “Be Excited About Reading” program is run in partnerships with the WestShore Rotary and has been in place for four years. The program helps aboriginal youth gain confidence in their reading abilities and also …

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Jan 29 2014

Ecole Poirier Literacy Day

Jim Reading

On Tuesday, I was invited to Ecole Poirier to celebrate their literacy day. I read the book “Wolf” by Becky Bloom to Grade 1,2,4 and 5 French Immersion students at Ecole Poirier. The story is about a wolf who learns to read in order to impress a group of farmyard animals he has met.   ABC …

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Jul 19 2013

What we can learn from kids

It’s hard to believe Adora Svitak is only 12! She’s a great presenter and tells us adults why we should go back to how we used to think as a child. “The world needs “childish” thinking: bold ideas, wild creativity and especially optimism.”- Adora Did I mention she’s a prodigy and has already written two …

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