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Nov 09 2011

Job Action Update #3 Report Cards, Parent Teacher Interviews, Marks for Scholarships and University Entrance

Parent Teacher Interviews: This autumn parent-teacher interviews will not occur in the normal manner. The Labour Relations Board has stated that teachers may withdraw from organized parent-teacher interviews as a part of Phase 1 job action. Parents can and should arrange to meet with teachers to find out how their child is doing. If you …

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Oct 26 2011

Job Action Update 2: Report Cards and Parent Teacher Interviews

As most parents are aware, teachers across the province are currently on a legal strike. The Minister of Labour has declared teaching to be an essential service; therefore teachers’ strike actions are governed by the Labour Relations Board (LRB). The two areas I receive most questions from parents are concerning parent-teacher interviews and report cards. …

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Sep 28 2011

UPDATE: Phase 1 Job Action

As parents are aware by now, teachers are in phase 1 of a legal strike with actions approved by the Labour Relations Board. Teaching has been deemed an Essential Service by the Minister of Labour, because of this teachers are permitted to withdraw some of the services normally associated with their jobs as an initial …

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Aug 29 2011

Potential Teacher Job Action this September

Many parents have asked me about potential job action by teachers this September. Sooke District is fortunate to have an extremely dedicated and conscientious teaching force. The effect of actions planned by teachers is aimed at management not students, fortunately we have a very good relationship with the local teachers’ union and I can share …

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