Aug 27 2014

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10 Back to School Tips for Parents!


As a parent, educator and now the superintendent of SD62, I thought it was important to share some back to school tips as we approach a new school year. Whether your child is returning to school, or just starting school – the process can be time of joy and also anxiety. I discovered a website that provides some tips to help children begin school with a positive mindset, while supporting their transition into a new school year, and preparing them for fall learning.

1. Familiarize Them With the Surroundings

2. Be Prepared

3. Get the Timings Right

4. Help Out With Friend-Making

5. Take a Step Back

6. Grant Them Independence

7. Help Out With Homework

8. Be Positive

9. After-School Clubs

10. In it Together


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School start times can be found on the district website

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