Mar 05 2014

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Guitar Cafe

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In 2012 Christmas came early for the students at Ruth King Elementary when they were gifted 30 brand new guitars through community donors. Today, students in grade 4,5,6 music class put on a music show called Guitar Café with those 30 guitars.

Twice a month the music students gather to perform for their peers in a cafe like setting complete with tables covered in checkered linens and a student emcee. The musical ensemble consists of eight acts with a variety of song genres. Students play rock, the blues, and classical pieces on their guitars.

Vice-principal and music teacher, Jeannie Deboice created Guitar Café so her students could perform for others, as compared to only the teacher.

“The students are so keen to perform,” says Deboice. “ It gives them a chance to see where they are going next with their music. They feel like they are playing a grown up instrument.”

The students have a lot of respect for their musical instruments and the guitars are in excellent condition, says Deboice. She also points out that students in younger grades are keen to play the guitar once they entre grade 4.


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