Mar 04 2014

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Cabaret Success!

Changing Times: If These Walls Could Talk

1999 marked the 50th anniversary of Belmont Secondary school and students celebrated the milestone with a cabaret. It is a tradition that has carried forward every few years. Belmont’s cabaret Changing Times: If These Walls Could Talk celebrated another milestone –60 years of school history!

To make this possible, students and staff browsed through old yearbooks and read old newspaper articles about the school. The cabaret was an ode to the new and the old, with the first scene showing teachers packing up for their move to the new Belmont. Over 200 music, art, and theatre students took the audience back through the decades to the beginning of the school’s history.

Funds raised through the cabaret support students who want to take music or art lessons and enter into post-secondary education.

Hats off to the cast, crew and staff that made it all happen!!!


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