Aug 30 2013

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Avoiding back-to-school anxiety

As summer holidays come to a close and back-to-school becomes a reality, signs of “back to school anxiety” are easy to miss. Anxiousness is common for some kindergarteners, for students entering a new school or for students heading back after a big break.

Here are some ways to help you get your kids relaxed, ready and excited for school.

Explore. For the little ones or for students heading to a new school, go with them and walk around the school and get them familiarized with it. Talking to teachers and other parents is also a great way to help get students and you familiarized.

Prepare before! Get all school supplies, clothes, backpacks etc. ready to go a few days before school starts.

Talk, talk talk. Having casual chats about school is a good way to find out if your kids are having any worries about school. Like so many big issues for kids, listening and letting them know you’re there for them is a massive comfort to them. Find more great tips ivilliage.ca


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