Oct 26 2011

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Job Action Update 2: Report Cards and Parent Teacher Interviews

As most parents are aware, teachers across the province are currently on a legal strike. The Minister of Labour has declared teaching to be an essential service; therefore teachers’ strike actions are governed by the Labour Relations Board (LRB).

The two areas I receive most questions from parents are concerning parent-teacher interviews and report cards.

The LRB has allowed teachers to withdraw from formal parent-teacher interviews as we usually conduct them. That is, where the office staff of a school sets up a schedule for parents to come to meet teachers for a short interview on a particular afternoon and evening. The Board has scheduled parent-teacher interviews for the afternoon and evening of Nov. 24th.

At its’ meeting last night, trustees decided to keep the early closure afternoon of Thursday, November 24th in the hope that parents and teachers will organize themselves to use that time as a communication opportunity.

The Sooke Teachers’ Association president has repeatedly declared that teachers will continue to meet with parents about their children and that strong parent-teacher communication is important, especially in a time of job action.

Last week, the Deputy Minister wrote a letter reminding principals and superintendents of their responsibility to issue report cards regardless of the fact that teachers will not be contributing grades or comments. I have recently met with a group of principals to determine the best method to accomplish this requirement. Although parents will receive the report card in early December, it will contain only demographic and attendance information unless the classroom teacher happens to be a principal or vice principal.

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