Sep 13 2011

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UPDATED Info for Savory Parents for Thursday Morning September 15th

Students from Savory Elementary will be attending Crystal View and Happy Valley Elementary schools starting Thursday, September 15. Buses will pick up and drop off students from the grounds at Savory school.

Kindergarten to Grade 2 – Crystal View Elementary

Kindergarten: Ms. Bonsdorf & Ms. Anderson’s Rooms 1116 &1118
Grade 1: Ms. Beaveridge Room 2202
Grade 2: Ms. Nickel & Ms. Ruperto Room 2027

Grade 3 to Grade 6 – Happy Valley Elementary

Grade 5/6: Mr. Reeve Portable 1
Grade 4/5: Mr. Showers Portable 2
Grade 3/4: Mr. Kniert Portable 3

Bus pick up and drop off will occur at Savory Elementary every day. Students should be at school for the regular start time. Please check out the Pick up and drop off times below: Note that because of secondary school timetables, buses will arrive earlier on Fridays. There will be supervisors on the grounds morning and afternoon. Adding bus routes require us to have students start and finish at slightly different times, however, every effort has been made to keeps students routinue as close to normal as possible.

The traffic situation is extremely challenging at Crystal View, so if parents are encouraged to have their children take the bus. If parents are planning to escort children, there is the option of parking at Mill Hill park and walking along the path to our school. This alleviates the issue of limited parking and residential parking restrictions.

Temporary Bus Routes for Savory Elementary

Morning – 1st Bus

Pick Up 8:45 Savory

Drop Off 8:55 Crystal View

Pick Up 9:00 Savory

Drop Off 9:15 Happy Valley

AM – 2nd Bus (If Necessary)

Pick Up 8:45 Savory

Drop Off 9:00 Happy Valley

Please note that all students need to be at Savory for a 8:45 pick up. If a second shuttle is required, the 1st bus will depart Savory at 9:00

Afternoon – 1st Bus

Pick Up 2:00 Crystal View

Drop Off 2:10 Savory

Afternoon – 2nd Bus

Pick Up 2:00 Happy Valley

Drop Off 2:15 Savory

Pick Up 2:30 Happy Valley

Drop Off 2:45 Savory

Please note that all students need to board the bus at 2:00, if a second loop is required it will return at 2:30

Friday PM – 1st Bus

Pick Up 1:45 Crystal View

Drop Off 1:50 Savory

Afternoon – 2nd Bus

Pick Up 1:35 Happy Valley

Drop Off 1:50 Savory

Afternoon – 3rd Bus – only if required

Pick Up 1:45 Happy Valley

Drop Off 2:00 Savory

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