Apr 16 2014

Battle of the Books!



On Monday, students at Dunsmuir Middle School welcomed Journey Middle School students to compete in the first ever Battle of the Books!

The Battle of the Books is a reading motivation program that encourages students to read a variety of fiction novels and then compete in teams of three to answer questions based on the books. Twelve books in total were chosen for the grade six and seven students to read. The students had an average of four months to read the books.

During the competition, Dunsmuir’s librarian, Mrs. Crompton read a question or a quote from each book beginning the question with, “In what book…” to ensure each answer was the title of the book. Mrs. Morrison, District Librarian and Battle of the Books judge, tallied scores to determine a winner!

The teams consisted of the Literacy Lions (Dunsmuir), the Champions (Dunsmuir) and Team Journey (Journey Middle School). The teams had three players each, but Journey showed up confident with only two competitors!

The students showed great teamwork as they hit their answer buzzers and conferred with one another on the correct answer. There was laughter, right answers, wrong answers, and a whole lot of fun!

The Literacy Lions were the Battle of the Books winners with Team Journey coming in second place.

First place winners received a gift certificate to Coles Books for $25 and the rest of the students received a $10 gift certificate to Coles Books.

Next week Wishart Elementary competes in their first Battle of the Books!

Thank you to District Librarian Dale Morrison who brought Battle of the Books to our school district and students.

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Apr 15 2014

SD62 Students Amoungst Pacific Explorers Traveling to Scotland


SD62 Board Chair Wendy Hobbs with Belmont students and Pacific Explorers Kyle and Tristan Becker

In July 2014, 1,000 scouts from around the world will gather at Blair Athol, Scotland to share their dreams, ideas and stories for 10 days. Among those attending will be 12 students in total made up of eight SD62 students and four Greater Victoria youth from 4 local scout groups representing Scouts Canada as “Pacific Explorers 2014.”

These 12 senior Scouts and Venturers have distinguished themselves by achieving or working towards earning the Chief Scout’s Award, the highest award in Scouts Canada for leadership and community service. Many also are working toward Bronze, Silver and Gold levels of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Program. They will extend their hearts and goodwill to other young people attending from Hong Kong, Japan, Russia, Poland, Germany, South Africa and numerous other countries – making friendships that may last a lifetime. The young participants will have worked hundreds of hours individually and through fundraisers to earn enough money to travel across the world to attend the Jamborette and to conduct cultural and historical tours in the region.

On Saturday, April 12th, 2014, the Pacific Explorers hosted a dinner/dance/silent auction and entertainment fundraiser at the Pacific Fleet Club. Wendy Hobbs, SD62 Board Chair, was a guest speaker and also had the honour of awarding two of the 14th JDF Venturers, who are Belmont students and Pacific Explorers, their Silver Duke of Edinburgh’s award pins! Congratulations to Kyle and Tristan Becker, who will be award their official Silver Duke of Edinburgh’s certificates on April 25 by the Lieutenant GovernorJudith Guichon during a ceremony in Burnaby, BC. This award took a lot of commitment from those two dedicated youth including working for two weeks at the Canadian Jamboree (summer of 2013) in Alberta as Offer of Service and Medvents. This award is about setting goals and achieving result in a fun and challenging way and encourages youth to dream big and succeed. Wendy Hobbs also presented Kyle with his Bronze Duke of Edinburgh’s certificate and pin.

To follow their fundraising efforts and see more of what they do, please visit their website:  www.pacificexplorers.wordpress.com


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Apr 15 2014

PACE Presents “This Is Our Story!”

This Is Our Story - PACE Musical Theatre

Featuring more than 300 performers in a dynamic and comedic Broadway revue, this show is fast-paced and will appeal to the entire family.  The show is organized into 7 sets and features selections from the most popular shows – Shrek, Adams Family, Bring It On, Catch Me If You Can, Little Mermaid, FAME, and Matilda!

Disney star and PACE alumni, Calum Worthy, will be performing in the shows on April,17, 18 and 19th and 23rd,   and will be available for photos and autographs during intermission.

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Apr 14 2014

Looking for a Shed?

 Belmont’s Residential Construction Program Has One For You!


The Residential Construction Program at Belmont Secondary has been hard at work building sheds and they are ready for sale! Each shed has a window and a gable roof. Prices are the cost of material plus 10% which goes towards the program. The sheds are overbuilt as students are learning house construction. The sheds would be re-assembled at your home and siding placed on once assembled. If interested please call Mr. Huck at 250 478 5501 ext 307.

Size of Sheds Available:

  • 8 X 8 feet = $950
  • 10 X 10 feet = $1200


Read the story in the Gazette on Belmont’s residential construction program

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Apr 09 2014

International Day of Pink


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Apr 08 2014

Students Visit Japan During Spring Break

Students from Belmont and EMCS toured Japan for nine days during Spring Break 2014. Each day was filled with activities from dawn to dusk as students experienced Japan’s many traditional cultural events, picturesque landscapes, trendy fashions, local cuisine and modern-day architecture.

Ms. Kurokawa, Mr. Morrison and Mrs. Nicholson shared the details below.

Students Visit Sister High School, Kyoto Giadai Nishil:

Our visit with high school students from our sister school was one of the highlights of the trip. At Kyoto Movie Studio Park, students walked through Medieval architecture, taking pictures with samurai and ninjas. The students communicated in each other’s languages and exchanged Facebook and e-mail addresses. It was a great inter-cultural experience for both sets of students and we were please to have made some connection with our sister school.

If you are interested in reading more about the trip and would like to see photos please visit Belmont’s Japanese Program.

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Apr 07 2014

SD62 Students Compete in Rotary Public Speaking Contest



Stephanie Clarke (centre, green), Kayla Curtis (end right)

Last week I had the honour of attending the Rotary Club of Royal Oak Centennial’s public peaking contest for students in School District 61, 62, 63. Two of our students, Stephanie Clarke and Kayla Curtis, competed in the semi-finals amoungst nine other competitors. The students had a choice of eight topics presented to them by the rotary and had no longer than three weeks to prepare.

Stephanie Clarke, grade 12, representing Belmont Secondary spoke about why she is proud to be Canadian and shared her story by speaking about notable events in Canadian history.  A few of the events she highlighted include the recent women’s gold medal hockey game at the Sochi Olympics and the time residents of Gander, Newfound Land opened their homes to strangers whose planes were forced to land in Canada during the 911 tragedy.

Kayla Curtis, grade 11, representing Edward Milne Community School (EMCS) argued that university tuition in Canada should be free. She spoke about the cost of education, and highlighted countries such as Finland who have abolished tuition fees.

All of the contestants were great speakers! Six students in total were chosen to move onto the Finals including EMCS’ Kayla Curtis!

The Finals are May 7, 6:00 p.m. at Spectrum Secondary.

Awards Include:

2nd runner up will receive a certificate and cheque for $500

1st runner up will receive a certificate and cheque for $750

The winner of the contest will receive a certificate and cheque for  $1000

The remaining three students candidates will each receive a certificate and cheque for $200


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Apr 07 2014

SD62 Students to Compete in Skills Canada Provincials!


Screen Shot 2014-04-07 at 10.48.11 AM

We have thirteen students heading to the provincial Skills Canada Competition on Wednesday! The students leave on the 8th after class for the 20th annual competition in Abbotsford, B.C. on April 9. We wish them the best in their competitions!

SD62 students are competing in the following competitions:  Spaghetti Bridge Building, Sumobot, Robotics, Mechanical CAAD, and Hairdressing.

The regional Skills Canada Competition and YES 2 IT event was held at Camosun College on March 29. Camosun hosted over 200 competitors and 800 students who participated in Hands on Activities. 500 students also completed self-guided tours. John Stubbs Spaghetti Bridge team won gold, as did Belmont student, Shantelle Hutchinson who competed in Hairdressing.

We would like to recognize the following students who are headed to provincials


John Stubbs Students Heading to Provincials:

  • Cindy Alegria (gold medal regional) – Spaghetti Bridge
  • Trixia Ducabo (gold medal regional) – Spaghetti Bridge
  • Blair Tahouney (gold medal regional) – Spaghetti Bridge
  • Nykolas Haskett (gold medal regional) – Spaghetti Bridge
  • Joey Wilson (gold medal regional) – Sumobot
  • Sean Wilson (did not place but will compete) – Sumobot
  • Nathan Shepard (did not place but will compete) – Sumobot


EMCS Students Heading to Provincials: Competition only available at the provincial level

  • Joel Kang – Robotics
  • Noah Poppe – Robotics
  • Tro Zhu – Robotics
  • Rowan Hensley – Robotics
  • Jamie Marriott – Mechanical CAAD


Belmont Student Heading to Provincials:

  • Shantelle Hutchinson (gold medal regional) – Hairdressing

Students who won medals at Regionals, but don’t go on to Provincials:


  • Kaarina Swinburson – Silver Medal for Cabinet making – EMCS
  • Kyle Maroney – Bronze Medal for Welding – EMCS


Take a look at the photos on Flickr from the Skills Canada Regional Competition

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Apr 07 2014

Bedtime Shenanigans

Bedtime Shenanigans April '14

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Apr 04 2014

Wishart Fundraises for Autism Awareness Month

 Wishart Elementary Fundraises $425 for Autism Awareness Month!


photo 1

Mrs. Stracker’s grade 4/5 class standing in front of their donation wall.

Wishart Elementary, and Mrs. Stracker’s grade 4/5 class, along with parent Jacqui Anderson, partnered with the Canucks Autism Network (CAN) to fundraise and bring awareness to autism. This fundraiser is a first for Victoria in sponsorship with CAN.

Wishart parent Jacqui Anderson, whose son Thomas Anderson is a grade five autistic student and a member of CAN, led the fundraiser. Last year Thomas participated in a penny drive, which was very well supported by the Wishart community and their families. This year was a chance to go a little bigger and teach kids about autism.

“We really wanted to help parents, and their children,” says Jacqui Anderson. “And in the mean time, let children know that sometimes other kids are a little bit different. One in 88 individuals have autism.”

The grade 4/5 students sold CAN bracelets during recess and the lunch hour in the foyer of the school from March 31 to April 4. Bracelets cost $1 and Canucks jersey postcard with a bracelet cost $2.

Mrs. Stracker’s class raised a total of $425 in one week!  The proceeds will go to the Canucks Autism Network.

Great work Mrs. Stracker’s class!!!

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